“Fancy” Daisy

“Fancy” Daisy made with bourbon.  This one is served in a mug with crushed ice.  It sounds really sweet (like alot of Jerry Thomas recipes) but it’s delicious.  Adding some cherry bitters might make it even better?

Jerry Thomas Recipe 1910:

▪       ½ lemon ½ lime

▪       tsp sugar (I used pulverized turbinado)

▪       2 dashes grenadine

▪       2oz spirits (whiskey, rum, old tom, brandy)

▪       2 dashes seltzer

▪       orange pieces (berries, cherries, pinapple or mint if you want)

Brian Tochi

In the Revenge of the Nerds, Takashi won the tricycle race by taking trichloremethelyne which counteracted the 20 beers he had to chug during each lap.  An 80’s Japanese synth version of “Daisy Bell” played during his final lap to victory (the song HAL sang to his death in 2001).  So funny.  He was also the voice of Leonardo in The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies.  “Sank you veddy much”

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