Bloody Murderer

“Bloody Murderer”

I’ve always liked a big & spicy Bloody Mary.  A whole meal (and stomach ache) in a glass.  I like them so much that I  sometimes prefer to drink them at night, which has not been looked upon lightly.  (Some quotes: “You disgusting dick!”; “What’s the matter with you?!”)

This version is my attempt to clean it up a bit and make it somewhat presentable for a night time presence.  Infusing the vodka with horseradish and white peppercorns,  gives it a thin and more opaque color while maintaining the spice of the heavy original.  The one dilemma is substituting the worchestershire sauce.  The spicy vodka, extra lemon and dash of vinegar help.  I’m still working on this part of it.  I’m going to incorporate fresh thyme into the vodka the next thyme.

I don’t think I’m breaking any ground here, but it’s been coming out pretty good.

My recipe:

  • 1 1/2 oz horseradish infused vodka (at least 48 hours)
  • ½ oz white peppercorn infused vodka (at least 48 hours)
  • 3 dashes celery bitters
  • ½ vine tomato muddled
  • ½ lemon squeezed
  • ½ tsp celery salt
  • ½ tsp white wine vinegar
  • 1 dash of cocktail olive brine
  • 1 dash tobasco
  • thin celery (used as the toothpick)
  • 1 cornichon
  • 1 spanish green cocktail olive

Muddle the tomato, lemon and celery salt, strain into mixing glass.  Then add remaining ingredients, stir with crushed ice and double strain into chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with celery, cornichon and olive.

What is “Bloody Murderer”?

It’s basically a more involved game of Hide and Go Seek but played in the dark.  Someone is declared “It” and hides.  The other kids go looking for “It” and yell “Bloody Murder!” when “It” is found.  I used to play in the basement of St. Francis in Astoria with the older Scouts, which was eventually stopped because some kid got hit in the head with the wooden pole of the school’s American Flag.

Actually, I believe the official name for the game is just “Bloody Murder”.  “Bloody Murderer” comes from my pal Frankie Sisti who in the late 90’s wrote a screenplay called “Bicycle Ice Cream”. It’s a teen movie about a stolen bike fence in the fabled sixth borough of NY.  The characters play a borough-wide game of Bloody Murderer on BMX which eventually gets out of hand.  I like “Bloody Murderer”, sounds crazier.

Frankie & Robotski 1998

My first real experience with Bloody Mary’s came in the 90’s when I worked at Terrace on the Park Catering Hall in Corona Park Queens.  One bartender named Jimmy (Short Italian drinker, gambler, thief etc. in his 40’s) had been there for 10 years already and was always bitching about this and that and calling the liquor room manager a “Bullshit Bastard” whenever he got a chance.   When the maitre d’ would leave the room, he’d furiously dash worchestershire sauce into his glass.  “What the hell is that?”, I’d ask.  Not looking at me, he’d just say, “It’s good” while pouring the no name vodka and old tomato juice into his muddy glass.  He might even still be there today.

Terrace on the Park- built for the 1964 World’s Fair.  Sick.

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