Jerry Thomas Recipe:

▪       ½ a lime juiced, put the juiced lime in the collins glass

▪       2 teaspoon raspberry syrup

▪       2oz rum

▪       ½ oz curacoa

▪       raspberries blackberries, orange piece garnish

Prep: make in shaker with crushed ice and strained into Collins glass with crushed ice, garnish with berries and orange piece.

The Knicks suck… this drink don’t.

I made a Knickerbocker last night at my regular gig, Puffy’s Tavern in TriBeCa.  Puffy’s has a storied history that goes back to the 1940’s when a sailor named “Puffy” opened the bar for the dock workers. My history there spans the past 3 years, which is kinda long for a bartender.  It’s a place that caters to Office Types during lunch, Bankers during happy hour, Restaurant-Wanderers and Regulars (I’ll tell you more about them as we go along) at night and Cheesy party types on the weekends.  Though there’s nothing rather exceptional or special about this bar , it’s a good old place.

Puffy’s Tavern 81 Hudson St. TriBeCa, NY

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