Corktails Night Nov. 16 2010

This past Tuesday was the fourth installment of “Corktails Night” at Puffy’s Tavern.  These glorious events are designed so I can improve my bartending & mixology skills at a place where I usually just pull pints and make those accursed “Goose & Sodas”. I practice making classic cocktails while also experimenting on my own boozy creations.  The best part of it though is I get to wrangle up my crew to hang out with me on these normally slow and painful nights at Puffy’s.  So far we’ve had a shit load of laughs while at the same time expanding our palettes and  knowledge of  cocktail & beverage culture.  It’s probably the best thing I can offer my friends at this point of my life.

My favorites were The Trinidad Sour & the Hot Buttered Rum (even though it was borderline gross with the tablespoon of butter in each glass, I was the only one who liked it).  The duds were The Corpse Reviver (another lemonade) & The Black Forest, which I think I fucked up.  I brought back my own Cherry Blinker (I made for my girlfriend a couple of times over the summer) which is now called “Caruthers Cocktail”.  It was good, but too much of the stingy Maraschino which makes it too candy like for my taste. Is it me or are the fruit flavored Fee Bros. bitters not very good?

This past week was a light showing.  The usual Corktail Club members Frankie, Zach & George.  Kevin also showed up but he wasn’t drinking.  The most loyal of participants is George.  He’s been to each one and has brought me a bottle of booze to the past 2 meetings.  Apparently he also saves the menus (this week’s is above). Once the tasting menu was finished, true to form… Drunk George got drunk.  He has to be the jolliest drunk I’ve ever known.  Frankie’s suggested that he actually gets “high” when he has enough to drink. I’ve seen him become both Superhero & Supervillain during his famous intoxications, which I’ve partaken in plenty myself.  Despite his claims of never actually reaching the condition of being “drunk”, he is by far and large, my favorite drunk.  Cheers to you, George!

Although I anticipate getting a new job soon where I won’t have to babysit a couple of old neighborhood drunken maniacs in an empty bar, I can’t help but think that these Corktail nights at Puffy’s are just flat out fun.  I look forward to keep making them better each time around.  We’ll see.


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